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by ZeeshanN

Wii Sports is one of the most famous Nintendo games of all time, and it’s making a comeback as a sequel on the Nintendo Switch with Nintendo Switch Sports. The new game will bring back some of the most famous games from the original game, as well as bring some new additions to the lineup.

Nintendo Switch Sports will have 3 returning sports at release that include tennis, bowling, and chambara. The three new sports joining the series are soccer, badminton, and volleyball. Each sport will support motion controls using the joy-con controllers, and the soccer sport will support the use of the leg strap accessory for the game’s Shoot Out mode. A post-release update will enable players to use the leg strap during entire soccer matches.

Nintendo Switch sports will support local play on a single Nintendo Switch console, as well as online play against friends or online players. The online mode will have a ranking system that will match players up with competitors at their skill level.

An update scheduled for Fall 2022 will add gold as a seventh sport for the game, meaning that there might be even more post-launch support scheduled beyond this year. The reveal closes with the announcement that there will be an online stress test for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers from February 18th-20th.

Nintendo Switch Sports will come out on April 29th, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.

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