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Nightmarish Trailer For The Slasher Comedy IT CUTS DEEP

by ZeeshanN

Dark Sky Films has revealed a trailer for its upcoming slasher horror comedy, It Cuts Deep. The story focuses on a man named Sam who takes his girlfriend Ashley to his childhood house on Christmas vacation and things do not play out the way they planned. In fact, the whole experience falls into a nightmare as Sam’s world starts to close in around him in strange and funny ways when “Ashley tells her boyfriend Sam that she hopes to tie the knot and start a family, a thought that terrifies Sam.”

During all this Sam’s attractive and omnipresent friend Nolan comes and “alludes to potentially violent ties to Sam’s past, Sam’s world begins to close in around him in terrifying ways.”

The movie is from writer and director Nicholas Santos, who said about the movie “It Cuts Deep is one of those films – opening on a recognizable set-up of a young angry murderer well on his way to becoming a psychopathic serial killer a la many an 80s slasher classic.”

The movie looks entertaining and unique concept and it stars Quinn Jackson as Ashley, Charles Gould as Sam, with John Anderson and Alison Fraser. Dark Sky Films will be releasing It Cuts Deep but release date is not revealed as of yet.

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