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New Video Revealed the Combat System in INKBOUND

by William Linden

Shiny Shoe is an indie studio that won fans over with their title Monster Train back in 2020 and now they’re showing off aspects of their upcoming title Inkbound.

This appears to be a very different beast as the focus is on a cooperative play that combines tactical and roguelike elements with a few things you’d encounter in a MOBA or MMO. In the new video, co-founder and CEO of Shiny Shoe, Mark Cooke, shows gamers how the action works in the game and although it’s turn-based it’s meant to be fast-paced to keep everything moving.

Inkbound takes place in The Atheneum, a world that contains all the stories that have ever been written. Here, anything that’s written in Ink can become real – such as nightmarish carnivals, ancient ruins on the brink of volcanic annihilation, and more. The heroic Binders, charged with maintaining these stories, can go anytime and anywhere so long as it has been written. And if it hasn’t, perhaps they’ll create tales of their own.

Fans can expect Inkbound to hit Steam Early Access in 2023.

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