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New Sci-Fi Short Film From DUST Called 10 MINUTE TIME MACHINE

by ZeeshanN

DUST has released a new sci-fi comedy short which is called 10 Minute Time Machine. In the short film, “the discovery of a time machine sets up the possibility of an unforgettable adventure for George and Lori…ten minutes at a time.”

The movie is great and it’s fun to watch and see how the story plays out. The movie comes from writer and director Charles Wahl and this is the entire plot summary:

George nervously waits for Lori to show up for their date, an engagement ring sitting heavily in his pocket. But when she arrives with news that she’s found a time machine that allows them to travel 10 minutes back in time, their imaginations run wild with how they can put it to use. When they realize the time machine is even more powerful than they thought, past and future versions of themselves appear with advice how to use it. What will they do in the face of adventure, fortune, love, and loss? Only time will tell.

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