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New PS5 Controller From Nacon Comes With Hall Effect Joysticks

by William Linden
New PS5 Controller From Nacon

Nacon has officially unveiled its highly anticipated PS5 controller, the Revolution 5 Pro. This cutting-edge controller is set to hit the market in October, with an MSRP of $200, aligning it with Sony’s premium DualSense Edge controller in terms of price. The standout feature of the Revolution 5 Pro is its innovative solution to address stick-drift issues that have occasionally plagued DualSense controllers. This is achieved through the incorporation of Hall Effect thumbsticks as a fundamental part of its design.

In contrast to conventional joysticks, which rely on potentiometers, Hall Effect joysticks utilize a small magnet and sensors to gauge the voltage generated by the magnetic field. This technology leads to a more robust and long-lasting joystick, especially when compared to standard joysticks with contact points that inevitably wear down, resulting in the notorious drifting problem.

The Revolution 5 Pro offers a plethora of other features, including compatibility with both PS4 and PC platforms. A notable addition is the trigger blocker, allowing users to fine-tune the input by reducing travel distance. Furthermore, this controller offers a wide array of customization options. It ships with three sets of weights, three different stick variations of varying sizes, three sets of stick heads, and ample storage for up to four profiles that can be conveniently saved. The customization process is facilitated through a dedicated PC and mobile app, ensuring that gamers can tailor their experience to their exact preferences. Additionally, a unique D-pad design was crafted in collaboration with the professional fighting games player, Mister Crimson.

Nacon’s Head of Accessories, Yannick Allaert, expressed his enthusiasm for this new addition to the Revolution line, stating, “This new model in the Revolution line is the culmination of years of development and NACON’s passion for gaming. We wanted to create the best controller possible, a controller that would give gamers the upper hand. The Revolution 5 Pro combines the best of our expertise, technological innovation, and ergonomics.”

The introduction of Hall Effect sensors appears to be a prominent trend in the next generation of gaming consoles. Rumors suggest that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will also embrace this technology, following the emergence of a patent application. While it remains uncertain whether the next Xbox controller will adopt Hall Effect technology, recent leaks from court documents in the FTC’s case against Microsoft have revealed that Microsoft has been actively working on a new controller design featuring an accelerometer and more immersive haptic feedback technology. These developments underscore the industry’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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