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New Premium Arcade Unit iiRcade Has Launched On Kickstarter

by ZeeshanN

Check out this dedicated Arcade unit is something gamers dream of. There have been various options in the past on how to go about this including selections from Arcade 1Up or building your own. These options are limited to a few onboard games and the other can expect some serious know-how depending on how in-depth you are looking to go. But a new alternative has just been revealed on Kickstarter known as iiRcade.

iiRcade is expecting to bring HQ arcade-style gaming to the volumes with a number of excellent features including pre-installed games and the capacity to buy more through a dedicated website for prices ranging from $2.99 to $14.99. As of the launch of the Kickstarter, more than 170 games have been licensed to be available on the iiRcade arcade including the mighty Double Dragon! Alongside retro classics, the iiRcade hopes to be a home for a number of new games as well.

“The day has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited. We want to thank gamers who have been supporting us and following us over the past few months and we hope everyone is as excited as we are about our amazing line up of games, including Dragon’s Lair, pre-loaded.”

— Jong Shin, CEO & founder of iiRcade

The specs for the iiRcade are as follows.

  • Featuring a 19” 1280×1024 LCD display

  • 100W Dual Stereo Speakers

  • 1.8GHz Hexa-Core CPU

  • 800MHz Max Quad-Core GPU

  • 4GB Dual-Channel LPDDR4X

  • 64GB of storage

  • 2 x 8-way premium Sanwa-style joysticks and buttons.

  • 802.11ac WiFi

  • 4.2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Support

  • HDMI Out

  • Premium MDF wood cabinets

The iiRcade has already surpassed its intention of $50,000 and is currently sitting at $228.130. As part of the Kickstarter promotional run, cost for the iiRcade units are lower than they will be when the arcade release to retail stores. As of right now, you can get a bartop unit for $399.99 ($599.99 upon retail release) or a standing unit for $499.99 ($749.99 upon retail release). Each backed unit will come with 10 pre-installed games including Dragon’s Lair, Double Dragon, Beach Buggy Racing, Gunbird, Snowboard Championship, Thunder Hoops, Power Balls, Maniac Square, Twin Brats and Fancy World.

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