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New Paranormal Activity Game Announced

by William Linden
Paranormal Activity Game

DreadXP and DarkStone Digital, the masterminds behind the widely acclaimed The Mortuary Assistant, have recently unveiled their collaboration with Paramount Game Studios to develop a spine-chilling addition to the Paranormal Activity universe.

In a groundbreaking move, DreadXP’s upcoming Paranormal Activity video game promises to revolutionize the horror gaming experience by integrating the franchise’s signature found-footage style with innovative gameplay mechanics. Set to immerse players in a narrative that delves deeper into the eerie lore and universe of the films, this project is poised to redefine the boundaries of interactive terror.

Dubbed simply as Paranormal Activity, the game, hinted at through a tantalizing teaser trailer, will introduce a revolutionary “Haunt System.” This dynamic feature is touted to adapt and intensify the frights encountered by players based on their in-game decisions and actions, ensuring a personalized and heart-pounding experience.

Epic Pictures CEO and DreadXP producer Patrick Ewald expressed his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the opportunity to translate the rich tapestry of the Paranormal Activity saga into an interactive nightmare. With creative director Brian Clarke at the helm, DreadXP aims to stay true to the franchise’s core essence while delivering an unparalleled level of terror to horror aficionados worldwide.

Brian Clarke, co-director and creative director at DreadXP, hinted at the game’s escalated horror quotient, promising a level of intensity that surpasses even their previous hit, The Mortuary Assistant. Drawing from the lessons learned during the development of their previous title, the team is set to elevate the fear factor with a more reactive and bone-chilling haunting system.

Scheduled for release in 2026, Paranormal Activity is slated to haunt multiple gaming platforms, though specifics are yet to be disclosed. With the studio’s track record of delivering top-notch horror experiences, fans can anticipate another nerve-wracking journey into the unknown. While DreadXP’s previous offering, The Mortuary Assistant, found its home on PC and Nintendo Switch, speculation arises that Switch players may once again find themselves plunged into a realm of terror with the release of Paranormal Activity.

As anticipation builds, DreadXP promises to unveil further details regarding the game in due course, ensuring that horror enthusiasts are kept on the edge of their seats until the final reveal.

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