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New Install Options Coming To Xbox For Different Game Types

by William Linden
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The new round of Xbox Insider patch notes has announced a very welcome install-related feature on its way to Xbox. Basically, we’ll soon be able to choose a default install location for each game type, meaning Xbox Series optimized games can be automatically downloaded to your console’s SSD.

It’s been something that’s existed on PS5 for a while, and we’ve been looking forward to it coming over to Xbox consoles.

“We have enabled a new feature which allows you to specify a different default install location for games, backwards compatible games, and apps. The default for each will be set to the location you had set previously as your default install location for all content.

You can also let Xbox decide where to install your games and apps. Setting a default install location to “Let Xbox decide” will cause your Xbox to try to install that content type to best available drive that has enough space. To get started, you can access this by going to Settings> System> Storage Devices> Change Install Locations.”

For now, this is only available to Xbox Insiders, but we can expect a wider release in the coming weeks. This is what the ‘Change installation locations’ page currently looks like for those in the Insider program:

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