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New Indie Horror Game THE ALIEN CUBE Trailer is Out!

by ZeeshanN

Creating a game that is unique in the horror genre is not an easy task, but it’s not something that solo developer Alessandro Guzzo can’t succeed at. After his original game, The Land of Pain was released and got many positive reviews, he has decided to maintain the fear with a new game called The Alien Cube. In fact, it is made to be a spiritual successor to his older game, from which we will now play as the nephew of the former protagonist.

In this cosmic horror first-person adventure, you take on the role of Arthur, a solitary man whose life is about to change dramatically after a hard and difficult finding following the mysterious disappearance of your uncle. You will be forced into a spiral of terrifying discoveries and start on a journey that will torment your soul and change your life forever, asking you to confront a shocking truth that will threaten your sanity and your very being.

The Alien Cube will be out on October 14th for PC via Steam.

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