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New Gaming Hardware Featuring Gamecube Controllers, a LORD OF THE RINGS Keyboard, and More

by William Linden
Gaming Hardware

Here is some news about gaming hardware, we’ll go over to Razer where they launched the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro soundbar. This soundbar received a dozen Best of awards at CES 2023 and can be bought now through Razer’s website and RazerStores with an MSRP of $399.99. The Leviathan V2 Pro features head-tracking AI technology and an integrated IR camera in an effort to beam audio directly to your ears for a surround sound experience. There’s also an integrated subwoofer, two surround sound modes (THX Spatial Audio Virtual headset mode designed for 2.1 audio and THX Spatial Audio Virtual Speakers mode for a 7.1 experience), and Razer Chroma for full RGB customization and integration with over 200 games.

That is not it Razer released some news about the Razer Blade 16 and Razer Blade 18 laptops revealed at CES 2023. Both laptops are available you can buy now featuring 13th generation i9 HX CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 40-series GPUs for powerful machines. The Razer Blade 16 starts at $2,699.99 and the Razer Blade 18 starts at $2,899.99.

We also have some new products for racing simulation fans. You can head over to Monoprice and check out their new racing rig pieces, the Dark Matter GT Racing Wheel Stand ($169.99) and the Dark Matter GT Triple Monitor Stand ($249.99). The former offers a foldable stand to which you can attach your pedals, gear shifters, and steering wheels while the latter can support up to three 32” monitors that each weighs up to 22 lbs to help support the immersive experience.

For fans of the Nintendo Gamecube, Retro-Bit recently launched the LegacyGC controller. This wired controller removes the analog stick and C-stick and repositions the D-pad to be more comfortable. They also updated the shoulder buttons to use digital and analog inputs. You can also program macros in the controller to allow the D-Pad to serve as the analog stick or the C-stack as needed and a Turbo function is also present. Honestly, I cannot figure out what the purpose of this controller is other than maybe with a GameBoy Player attachment. Were there games that didn’t utilize the analog stick that this design would make sense to use?

Drop is also releasing a new The Lord of the Rings keyboard in association with Middle-earth Enterprises. Now, you can type on a mechanical keyboard in Black Speech, “the unifying language of all servants of Mordor.” You know true power comes in black, red, and gray. On the keyboard and the keycaps, you’ll notice the Eye of Sauron, the Shards of Narsil, a lone Nazgul, and the notorious inscription from The One Ring. To get more technical, the keyboard features 87 keys with Holy Panda X switches, Drop Phantom stabilizers, USB-C connectivity, and an anodized aluminum case. Pre-orders are live now for $199 and shipments should begin by mid-April.

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