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New Emoji’s Arrived In Apple iOS 16.4

by William Linden
Apple new emojis

On Thursday, Apple announced 21 new emojis with its iOS 16.4 update. The update is currently in developer beta mode and will be available on Apple devices later this spring.

The update includes push notifications for web apps saved to the Home Screen, an updated user experience in the Podcast app, and an easier way to participate in beta testing. But new emojis are definitely the jazziest new updates. The emoji are approved by the Unicode Consortium and will be available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

A shaking face that really gets us

Apple emoji of a shaking face
This one expresses so much with so little. Credit: Apple



A single pink heart (finally!)

pink heart emoji
At long last. Credit: Apple

A ginger root that will delight cooks

ginger root emoji
Gut health enthusiasts will be all over this one. Credit: Apple



A festive set of maracas

maracas emoji
Seen in all future celebratory messages. Credit: Apple

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