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Nautical Roguelite SHIP OF FOOLS Release Date Revealed

by ZeeshanN

Team17 has revealed its new game, Ship of Fools, an online and couch co-op roguelike developed by Quebecois Studio Fika Productions. Ship of Fools invites players to join forces and defend their ship as they explore a treacherous sea and the archipelago of small islands spread across its expanse, all rendered in a lovely cartoon style.

In Ship of Fools, prospective sailors must work together to defend their ship from all manner of aquatic monsters, as they plot a course for the enigmatic islands to look for treasure, rescue possible allies, and try to stay away from a watery armageddon known as the Apocalypse. Players will be able to upgrade their ship, the Stormstrider, and extend the options available to them with vendors and trinkets, loading up the hub of the Grand Lighthouse. With these, they may be able to make their following runs on the dangerous waters a little longer.

It vows a chaotic multiplayer experience, as players race for the cannons on each side of the ship to repulse huge crabs, floating jellyfish, and what can only be defined as laser squid.

The game is scheduled for release sometime this year on PC via Steam and consoles, the first opportunity to get hands-on with Ship of Fools will be at W.A.S.D London. Between the 7th-9th of April, visitors to Team17’s booth at W.A.S.D can also play a playable demo.

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