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MORTAL SHELL Free Update is Here For All Players To Play

by ZeeshanN

They had a quite successful launch, Cold Symmetry has unveiled its first content update for Mortal Shell to all consoles at no charge to the gamers. This update is called Rotten Autumn and it will come with a new mini-quest, 10 new skins, an alternative soundtrack, and a new and powerful new photo editor.

After updating the game, players should go to the Gorf, the humongous verbose amphibian with enigmatic dialogue and mysterious plans. Gorf will give players their new mini-quest and if they are victorious then they will be rewarded generously with up to ten new Shell shades. From Solomon’s Dracula-inspired war-paint to Eredrim’s regal yellow trim, these new skins will enable players to demonstrate their fight mastery in a style that fits.

If you haven’t bought Mortal Shell yet and have been thinking about it, now is the awesome time to buy a copy since they are selling it for 20% off right now on both PlayStation and the Epic Games Store. The deal will be available for Xbox soon.

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