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Meet The Incredible Transformer Table Version 3

by Mata Hari
Transformer table

A piece of new furniture has released this month via Kickstarter, and it is called Transformer Table version 3. With still 46 days left on its campaign the unusual transforming table has already amassed over $300,000 thanks to over 200 backers. Watch the demo video below to learn more about the table’s unusual system that allows it to change shape depending on your needs.

Made from 100% hardwood, the Transformer Table serves as a strong focal point in any living space. This extendable dining table adjusts from 18″ to 118″, seating up to 12 guests, and can fit perfectly in any home. Extend your Table – Extend an invitation. From 18 inches to 10 feet and seating up to 12 of your guests, the Transformer Table expands to accommodate many people and narrows down to a console size.

Transformer table

“The Transformer Table 3.0 Collection of signature hardwood tables, benches, Coffee Tables and Chairs were intentionally designed to cultivate beautiful, functional spaces that bring people together. From 18″ to 118″, our expandable dining room tables are built with an integrated extension feature that allows you to adjust the table for any space or gathering.”

The new Transformer Table collection includes 5 signature products:

– The Transformer Table
– Transformer Counter Height
– Transformer Bench
– Coffee Table – Panel Storage Unit
– Transformer Chairs

Source: Kickstarter

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