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Mastering EA Sports FC 24: A Comprehensive Guide to PlayStyles

by William Linden
EA Sports FC 24

The FC 24 PlayStyles list introduces a significant shift in gameplay for the FIFA series, brought about by the addition of 34 special abilities akin to Madden 24 X-Factors, courtesy of EA Sports FC 24. Here, we provide a comprehensive A to Z breakdown of each PlayStyle and their respective effects. Players possessing a PlayStyle+ ability enjoy even greater proficiency in their specific category. Keep our FC 24 skill moves and FC 24 celebrations guides on standby for when you’ve mastered this new PlayStyles list.

EA Sports FC 24

The Complete FC 24 PlayStyles List

Acrobatic (Physical): This PlayStyle enhances accuracy in volleys and introduces acrobatic volley animations for added flair.

Aerial (Physical): Players with this style can leap higher and possess an improved presence in aerial situations.

Anticipate (Defending): This style increases the chances of a successful standing tackle and bolsters the ability to halt the ball during a tackle.

Block (Defending): With this PlayStyle, you get increased reach for blocks and a higher chance of successful block attempts.

Bruiser (Defending): This style empowers players with greater strength during physical tackles, making them formidable defenders.

Chip Shot (Scoring): Players executing this style can perform chip shots with swiftness and precision.

Cross Claimer (Goalkeeper): Goalkeepers with this style attempt to claim crosses before their opponents can do so.

Dead Ball (Scoring): Set pieces benefit from increased speed, curve, and accuracy, with a longer ball preview line.

Far Throw (Goalkeeper): Goalkeepers with this style can target players further away with their thrown passes.

Finesse Shot (Scoring): Perform finesse shots with added curve and accuracy, and execute them at a quicker pace.

First Touch (Ball Control): This PlayStyle reduces errors when trapping the ball and facilitates a rapid transition to dribbling.

Incisive Pass (Passing): Players with this style can deliver through passes more accurately, add more curve to swerve passes, and increase the speed of Precision Passes.

Intercept (Defending): With this style, players enjoy an extended reach and improved chances of gaining possession through interceptions.

Far Reach (Goalkeeper): Goalkeepers exhibit heightened effectiveness in saving shots from outside the box.

Flair (Ball Control): Fancy passes and shots have improved accuracy, accompanied by flair animations when appropriate.

Footwork (Goalkeeper): Goalkeepers employing this style save with their feet more frequently, making them adept at close-range saves.

Jockey (Defending): The maximum speed of Sprint Jockey is increased, and players experience improved transition speed.

Long Ball Pass (Passing): Execute lobbed and lofted through balls faster, more accurately, and with a reduced chance of interception.

Long Throw (Physical): Perform throw-ins with increased power and distance.

Pinged Pass (Passing): Passes travel faster without affecting the receiver’s trapping difficulty.

Power Header (Scoring): Perform headers with increased power and precision.

Power Shot (Scoring): This PlayStyle allows players to execute power shots faster and with added speed.

Press Proven (Ball Control): Enjoy close control when dribbling at jogging speed and exhibit strong shielding abilities.

Quick Reflexes (Goalkeeper): Goalkeepers with this style boast increased reflexes and quicker reactions when dealing with shots inside the box.

Quick Step (Physical): Accelerate faster during Explosive Sprint.

Rapid (Ball Control): This PlayStyle provides higher sprint speed while dribbling and reduces the chance of making an error.

Relentless (Ball Control): Players with this PlayStyle experience reduced fatigue loss and enhanced recovery at half-time.

Rush Out (Goalkeeper): Goalkeepers employing this style are more aggressive in coming out to intercept over-the-top or through balls.

Slide Tackle (Defending): This style enables players to stop balls directly at their feet when performing a slide tackle.

Technical (Ball Control): Benefit from higher speed on Controlled Sprints and greater precision on wide turns when dribbling.

Tiki Taka (Passing): Execute difficult first-time passes with accuracy, utilizing back heels when appropriate.

Trickster (Ball Control): Players with this style can perform unique skill moves.

Trivela (Physical): Use outside-of-the-foot passes with reduced error.

Whipped Pass (Passing): This style ensures accurate crosses that travel faster and feature extra curve.

With the FC 24 PlayStyles list, FIFA fans can look forward to an exciting and diverse gaming experience, as these PlayStyles open up new possibilities and strategies on the virtual pitch. Mastering these styles can give you a significant advantage in FIFA 24 gameplay.

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