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Marvel Comics Announces HOWARD THE DUCK 50th Anniversary Special

by William Linden
HOWARD THE DUCK 50th Anniversary Special

Exciting news for Marvel fans! Howard the Duck, one of Marvel Comics’ beloved characters, is set to celebrate his 50th anniversary with a special one-shot comic titled “Howard the Duck #1.” This special issue promises to take readers on a thrilling adventure with a “What If…?” type story, exploring alternate realities and possibilities for our favorite feathered private investigator.

In this new story, Howard finds himself facing numerous challenges in his life, and as luck would have it, he encounters a cosmic and all-seeing being known as the Peeper(!). This intriguing entity offers Howard a unique opportunity to glimpse what his life could have been like, showcasing the joys he could have experienced and the ways his life might have been less of a struggle. It’s an exciting prospect to see this wise-cracking duck navigate through various alternate scenarios, giving readers a delightful and hilarious journey through the whimsical “Whaugh If?” moments.

The creative team behind this special one-shot is top-notch, with writer Chip Zdarsky, known for his exceptional work on Batman and Daredevil, and artist Joe Quinones, whose talent graced the pages of Batman ’89 and America. Fans will remember this dynamic duo from their previous collaboration on the 2015 Howard the Duck series, which garnered much praise and ran for 11 fantastic issues.

As if that’s not enough, the 50th-anniversary special goes above and beyond by including additional captivating stories. One such tale, penned by writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Annie Wu, imagines Howard the Duck taking on the highest office in the land, becoming the President of the United States, all while the country faces an alien invasion! This hilariously wild premise is bound to deliver a mix of political satire and action-packed excitement.

But the surprises don’t end there! In yet another engaging narrative crafted by writer Merritt K and artist Will Robson, Howard the Duck steps into the shoes of Star-Lord, leading the Guardians of the Galaxy on an intergalactic escapade. This imaginative twist on the classic team-up is sure to entertain readers with Howard’s unique approach to heroism.

Howard the Duck made his first appearance back in 1973’s “Adventures into Fear #19,” created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik. Since then, he has become a beloved and iconic character within the Marvel universe, captivating audiences with his wit, humor, and unexpected adventures.

Despite his popularity, Howard the Duck has often remained underutilized in recent years, making this 50th-anniversary special all the more anticipated and appreciated by fans. It’s a celebration of a character that holds a special place in the hearts of many, promising an unforgettable and entertaining journey through time, space, and unimaginable possibilities.

With such a stellar creative team and the promise of an inventive and humorous exploration of alternate realities, “Howard the Duck #1” is shaping up to be an unmissable addition to any comic book collection. So mark your calendars, because this anniversary special is set to quack its way into the hearts of readers, proving that Howard the Duck is a timeless and adored Marvel character deserving of more adventures and attention!

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