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MARIO STRIKERS: BATTLE LEAGUE Thrilling New Trailer Unleashed!

by ZeeshanN

We have been waiting for the new Mario Strikers game, I’m so excited for Mario Strikers: Battle League which launches next month. Nintendo recently released a new trailer for the game and I’m ready to hit the game. Mario Strikers is the fun arcade franchise of soccer with no fouls that allows for silly moments and with Battle League, players will be able to play with up to 7 of their friends locally and online. Do note that for 8 players, you may need extra copies of the game as well as more than one Nintendo Switch and online play needs a subscription for Nintendo Switch Online. New features for Battle League come with the Team Tackle to help your allies cover more ground or work together to bring your enemies down and the Strike Orb which enables you to try for a Hyper Strike which is about two points.

In Battle League, players will also get to customize their favorite characters with different gear to adjust their stats and build the ultimate soccer star in the Mushroom Kingdom. After gearing up, you can create or join a Strikers Club in the online-only mode that lets up to 20 players group together to form a club to contest against other clubs. As your club wins, you’ll get tokens that can be used to customize your club’s stadium. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on June 10!

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