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Lego’s Limited-Edition Sets Could Include an Elven Castle and Sushi Restaurant

by William Linden

On a bustling Wednesday, Lego orchestrated a spectacular sale, successfully moving an impressive 30,000 copies of a meticulously crafted Lego castle known as the Mountain Fortress. The mastermind behind this fan-designed marvel reaped the rewards of creativity, pocketing a staggering half a million dollars for their ingenious work. Such was the fervor for this artisanal creation that the company’s website momentarily buckled under the weight of enthusiastic Lego enthusiasts. Notably, my piece on these captivating fan-designed sets, featured on The Verge, enjoyed a surge in popularity, echoing the widespread fascination with these unique Lego constructions.

As the excitement lingers, it’s impossible to ignore the tantalizing prospect of a future wave of limited-edition, fan-designed Lego sets. The anticipation reaches a crescendo with the impending closure of voting in the Lego BrickLink Designer Program Series 4, merely one week away. Within this virtual arena, a myriad of extraordinary ideas passionately vie for the coveted opportunity to transform into tangible products, meticulously packaged, sold, and shipped by the revered Lego Group.

While the ultimate decision rests in the hands of Lego, the company extends an invitation to the Lego community to voice their preferences. With a plethora of captivating entries, a few stand out as particularly noteworthy in my eyes.

Elven Castle

Sushi Restaurant

Folding Teapots

Submarine Explorer

Sunset Ranch

The Hug Island

Blooming Bouquets

City Aquarium

Automated Side-Loading Garbage Truck

The Riverside Scholars

Atlantis Research Base

Countryside Cottage

Imperial Sloop ‘Neptune’

As before, Lego will produce up to 30,000 of each set that makes the cut, with designers getting 5 percent of the sale price in royalties.

The winning Series 4 sets will be announced on March 18th. On June 1st, Lego will put these Series 2 sets on presale, and the Series 3 sets will go on presale in October.

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