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Ledger Nano X Series Crypto Storage And Management System

by William Linden
Ledger Nano X Series crypto storage

Ledger Nano crypto wallets which come out in 2016 you might be interested in a new crypto management and storage system named the X Series. Specially designed to protect and organize your Ledger Nano hardware wallets, recovery seed phrases, and crypto investment portfolio the system has this month released by Kickstarter and raises the required pledge goal making the jump from conception into production. Backer early bird pledges are now available for the project for roughly $49.

“Introducing the world’s first crypto storage ecosystem to catalog your cryptocurrency investments and organize your Ledger Nano hardware wallets and your seed phrases. Imagine what a smartphone would look like without a screen protector or a case after six years of use.


Beat to hell! That’s how long Ledger Nanos have gone without protection. As a crypto investor, you enjoy exploring the unique edge that cryptocurrency and NFT holdings have to offer. You rely on the digital world to provide you with these opportunities, but you want to make sure you also rely on hardware wallets to OWN YOUR PRIVATE KEYS and protect your crypto assets. The question is…If your hardware wallets are protecting your crypto holdings, what is protecting your hardware wallets—and the treasures they are keeping?”

To learn more about the X Series crypto storage and management system project watch the video below.

“This is exactly the concern that made our team at Black Seed Ink create The X Series – a high-end storage ecosystem for Ledger Nano hardware wallets. At the end of the day, if your Ledger Nano wallet is exposed to water, fire, and corrosion damage, then your crypto holdings become reliant on the seed phrase to restore access to your investments. This becomes unnecessary when you take the extra step to protect your Ledger Nano wallets and begin using The X Series.”

“In a nutshell, The X Series provides a sound extra layer of security to your Nano Ledger Hardware wallets and highly-coveted recovery seed phrases. First, encase each wallet in a titanium capsule, notably called The AleX. Next, The IndeX, a notebook made of water and tear-resistant stone paper, can be used to catalog and document the contents of your wallets. And, finally, store and organize The AleX, The IndeX, and your recovery seed phrase(s), exchange account information, master passwords, and passphrases – protecting all from water, fire, and corrosion damage – in The BoX. “

For a complete list of all available special pledges, stretch goals, extra media, and specifications for the crypto storage and management system, click the official X Series crowdfunding campaign link by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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