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Learn How To Hotwire A Car in Project Zomboid

by ZeeshanN
Project Zomboid

If you are trying to hotwire a car in Project Zomboid, here we have a guide for you. Zomboid’s world is massive, and crossing the whole thing on foot is a real project, so you’re better off trying to discover and keep a nice car for longer trips. With all the undead roaming around in the streets, you won’t want to show up spontaneously or get stuck in a car only to find out it won’t start. Let’s make sure that you know how to hotwire a car before you get tangled and surrounded by zombies beating on your windows while you look for the correct wires.


Things you need before you hotwire a car

Before you get into the driver’s seat, you should know that there are requirements you’ll need to meet. You need to either have 1 Electrical skill and 2 Mechanical skills or be a Burglar character who has the tolerant ability to hotwire cars without those skill needs.

Take a note even after you successfully bypass the ignition, you may not be going anywhere. Make sure the car has gas in the tank. Starting a car’s engine makes a noise that will draw zombies to you, so you’ll want to make sure you’re fueled up before you get stuck in a vehicle that isn’t willing to go anywhere. Use an empty gas can to siphon gas from some other vehicle or from a gas pump and then load up your car.


How to hotwire a car in Project Zomboid

Once you’re ready to start the engine, here’s how to actually hotwire a car in Project Zomboid:

  1. Enter the vehicle by pressing E beside an open door or smashing a window
  2. Press V to bring up the vehicle radial menu
  3. Select “hotwire car” to attempt hotwiring
  4. After successfully hotwiring, press W to start the engine

It may take many attempts to get your engine started. You’ll know you’ve got it once a pair of wires appear in the key ignition slot on the dashboard. A hotwired car can be driven by anyone if you’re playing in multiplayer, so don’t leave your things in a car someone will steal them, just like in real life.


What do the symbols on the dashboard mean?

When selecting a car, pay attention to the dashboard. You don’t want to get stuck trying a getaway in the dead car.

Key slot on the far right. If you happen to find a key in the ignition, you don’t have to hotwire it!

Door lock
Third from the left. Press this symbol to lock your doors. A useful thing to do if you’ve got zombies approaching while you hurriedly trying to start that engine.

Engine Light
The first symbol is on the left. If this is red, the engine is damaged and you won’t be able to hotwire it. Click this symbol or press W to turn the engine on. It will turn orange while starting and green when it’s on.

Fuel gauge
In the middle of the dashboard. If it’s empty, you’ll be stuck with a car that’s turned on and it won’t go anywhere!

Second from the left. Red is also bad here. A car with a drained-out battery won’t help you either.

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