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Kevin Bacon Reunites with TREMORS Cast in Fun New Commercial

by ZeeshanN
Kevin Bacon Reunites with TREMORS Cast

Kevin Bacon and Micheal Gross starred together about 30 years ago in the classic and iconic movie Tremors. While fans of the franchise have been longing to see the two work together for new Tremors movie, it hasn’t happened. But, they did recently worked together once again for a new commercial for the wireless provider company Visible.

It’s a fun commercial that expands the six degrees of Kevin Bacon to the twelve degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Gross talked about the commercial and said what this might mean for the fate of the Tremors franchise:

“Yes, Kevin Bacon and Burt Gummer reunited after 30+ years, but not for an eighth film. To be sure, the Tremors franchise — past, present, and future — was a huge topic of conversation. Our reunion was warm, light-hearted, and candid, but we met for an entirely different purpose. Today a commercial, tomorrow a Tremors sequel? Hey, stranger things have happened!”

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