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Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones Court Room Dramady THE BURIAL Trailer

by William Linden

Prime Video has just unveiled the much-anticipated first trailer for “The Burial,” a courtroom dramedy that boasts an impressive ensemble cast, featuring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones in lead roles. This cinematic gem draws its inspiration from a remarkable true story, originally chronicled in Jonathan Harr’s 1999 New Yorker article of the same title. Early glimpses suggest that “The Burial” promises an engaging and entertaining cinematic experience, with Jamie Foxx delivering a standout performance.

The heart of the narrative centers on the life of Willie E. Gary (portrayed by Foxx), a personal injury lawyer who finds himself embroiled in a contentious contract dispute. He comes to the aid of Jeremiah Joseph O’Keefe (brought to life by Tommy Lee Jones), a funeral home owner grappling with the Loewen funeral company. The film’s official synopsis provides an enticing peek into the storyline: “When a handshake deal goes sour, funeral home owner Jeremiah O’Keefe enlists charismatic, smooth-talking attorney Willie E. Gary to save his family business. Tempers flare and laughter ensues as the unlikely pair bond while exposing corporate corruption and racial injustice in this inspirational, triumphant story.”

Maggie Betts, the director behind this captivating project, shared her excitement about casting Jamie Foxx in the lead role, emphasizing Foxx’s ability to capture the larger-than-life persona of the real Willie Gary. She praised Foxx for infusing the character with depth, humanity, and vulnerability, bringing a captivating dimension to the role. Betts remarked, “The film is triumphant and inspiring, and will leave audiences laughing, cheering, and feeling deeply.”

“The Burial” doesn’t stop at the Foxx-Jones duo; it also boasts a talented supporting cast, including Jurnee Smollett and Alan Ruck. The movie is set to make its world premiere on September 11th at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, creating considerable buzz and anticipation among cinephiles. After the festival premiere, eager audiences can catch the film in select theaters starting October 6th, followed by its arrival on Prime Video on October 13th, promising an exciting cinematic journey for all to enjoy.

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