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iPhone Sales Increased Almost 19 Percent in China

by ZeeshanN
iPhone XR

Apple’s new iPhone 11 may have been a success in China over the holiday season, according to a recent report sales of the gadgets are up 18.7 percent over the December 2018.

According to a new report by Bloomberg, iPhone sales in December 2019 were at 3.18 million units which are 18.7 percent higher than the December in the previous year.

Apple is happy with the news as the company had seen iPhone sales decline in the previous year in China, the new iPhone 11 phones appear to have helped boost the sales in China.

Apple has also seen improved iPhone sales in other nations since the iPhone 11 handsets released. The iPhone 11 is actually $50 cheaper than the model it replaced in the US in fact Pro models of the iPhone cost around the same as the models before it.

Source: Bloomberg

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