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iPhone 16 Leak Reveals All-New Button

by ZeeshanN

In the wake of the newly introduced Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro models, Apple seems poised to up the ante with yet another innovative addition to the iPhone 16 lineup—a fresh inclusion known as the “Capture” button.

If early pre-production leaks obtained by MacRumors are any indication, this button is slated to find its home just below the power button on the right side of the device. Interestingly, this is the same spot currently occupied by the mmWave antenna window on U.S. models of the iPhone 12 and newer. As part of this reconfiguration, the antenna window is set to make a lateral move to the left side of the device, snuggling in under the volume buttons.

The grand mystery, however, is the purpose behind this enigmatic “Capture” button. While its role remains undisclosed, speculation is rife that it could serve as a dedicated shutter button for the camera. Positioned ideally for landscape-oriented photography, it could offer a seamless and ergonomic solution for snapping pictures.

What sets both the Action button and the anticipated Capture button apart on iPhone 16 models is their capacitive nature. Rather than being traditional mechanical buttons, these are set to be solid-state, eschewing physical movement upon pressing. Instead, the iPhones will utilize additional Taptic Engines to deliver haptic feedback, simulating the tactile sensation of pressing a button. Think of it as a technological symphony beneath your fingertips.

The grand unveiling of the iPhone 16 lineup is expected in September 2024, approximately 11 months away from the current timeline. As we eagerly await the release, more details about the mysterious “Capture” button and its intended function are likely to surface in the coming months. However, in the ever-evolving landscape of tech, there’s always the tantalizing prospect that these plans might undergo a metamorphosis or be abandoned altogether before mass production kicks in. The suspense builds, and the countdown to innovation continues.

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