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iPhone 16 Could Feature Extra Button, Relocated mmWave Antenna and Haptic Action Button

by ZeeshanN
iPhone 16

The much-anticipated iPhone 16 lineup promises an intriguing addition, with rumors swirling about the integration of an extra button. According to the reputable Weibo leaker, Instant Digital, who has a track record of accurately revealing Apple’s plans, there’s a “great chance” that the upcoming models will sport this innovative feature. The buzz suggests that Apple is not just stopping at an additional button; there are whispers about a significant relocation in the design as well.

Instant Digital spills the beans on the potential shift of the mmWave antenna from its traditional right-side abode to a new home on the left side of the device. This move is seen as a strategic adjustment to make room for the impending button revolution. But what could this mysterious extra button be?

Enter the iPhone 16 Pro Action Button, poised to redefine the tactile experience. Rumor has it that this button will seamlessly blend into the device’s surface, waving goodbye to the conventional button design in favor of cutting-edge solid-state technology. Imagine a button that not only responds to your touch but does so with a sleek, flush finish.

However, amidst this revolutionary upgrade, the volume keys and power keys are reported to maintain their status quo. As of now, these keys are not expected to join the solid-state party, though in the ever-evolving realm of Apple, one can never be too certain.

Instant Digital’s revelations echo earlier reports from MacRumors, adding credibility to the speculation. The elusive button is said to go by the internal moniker of “Capture Button.” Positioned strategically beneath the power button on the right side, it will eschew the traditional physical button for a more futuristic capacitive counterpart.

Yet, the million-dollar question lingers: What purpose will this enigmatic Capture Button serve? Apple keeps its cards close to the chest, leaving tech enthusiasts in suspense. Regardless, the anticipation builds as this captivating feature is expected to grace all models within the iPhone 16 lineup, from the base iPhone 16 to the larger-than-life iPhone 16 Plus. Brace yourselves for a button revolution that could redefine how we interact with our beloved iPhones.

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