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iPhone 15 Pro Max Design and Dimensions Got Leaked

by William Linden

Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to bring significant changes in design and size, according to recently leaked renders. The device may feature a USB Type-C slot instead of the traditional Lightning port, as seen in earlier leaks of the iPhone 15 Plus. Leaker Ice Universe tweeted new CAD renders of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, also known as the iPhone 15 Ultra, showcasing the phone from multiple angles.

Aside from the change in the charging connector, the renders suggest that the Pro Max will do away with the traditional buttons, replacing them with haptic feedback technology. While some users may miss the tactile sensation, this change is expected to improve the device’s longevity by reducing wear and tear and covering up potential weak spots for water damage.

The leaked renders also suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a narrower bezel around the screen, resulting in a smaller device. However, this reduction in size is minimal, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max measuring 160.7mm and the rendered device measuring 159.8mm. The next generation of the Pro Max may also be slightly narrower, measuring 76.73mm compared to 77.6mm. However, the device may have slightly thicker sides at 8.25mm compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 7.85mm width. This increase in thickness is allegedly offset by a thinner camera bump, which 9to5Mac has confirmed via its own sources.

The renders suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max may feature a “titanium alloy middle frame.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs 14 Pro Max: Rumored dimensions
iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro Max Row 0 – Cell 3
Dimensions 159.86 × 76.73 × 8.25 mm 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.85 mm Row 1 – Cell 3
Camera Bump 3.6 mm 4.18 mm

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