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iPhone 12 Will Update The Face ID Feature in New Phones

by ZeeshanN
iPhone 11

We have begun to hear more details about the new iPhone 12 recently and with this new report the phone will come with an updated Face ID.

According to Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Thomas O’Malley, and Baylie Harri said iPhone 12 will come with an updated TrueDepth camera system.

It is not transparent as yet on what changes this updated camera system will take to the Apple’s Face ID, it is already very accurate.

There are also rumors that Apple may remove the Lightning connector from the iPhone, although this will not occur with this years iPhones, it is supposed to happen in 2021, so that will come with the iPhone 13.

Apple’s iPhone 12 will come with a range of upgrades over the iPhone 11, there will possibly be four different handsets in the lineup. There will be two standard variants and two Pro variants, the standard handsets will have a 5.4-inch display and the 6.1-inch display. The Pro models a 6.1 inch display and a 6.7 inch display.

The phones are said to get new displays and these will clearly be thinner and more advanced than the current displays. Apple will either also eliminate the notch completely or apparently use a more modest notch.  There is also a new processor on the way which will be more effective, this will be made using the 5Nm process instead of the 7Nm process. The gadgets are also expected to come with 6GB of RAM.

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