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iOS 16.6 is Coming Soon — All The New Features Coming To Your iPhone

by William Linden

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the iOS 17 stable version, there’s still something to look forward to for iOS 16 users. A new update, iOS 16.6, is on the horizon, and it’s already in the hands of developers in the form of a beta release. With this update, iPhone users can enjoy some exciting new features without having to wait until the fall for iOS 17.

One of the significant additions in iOS 16.6 is the long-awaited iMessage Contact Key verification. Initially announced in December, this feature aims to provide an extra layer of security for users who may be at risk of highly sophisticated cyber attacks or those targeted by state-sponsored hackers. While it’s particularly designed for government workers, journalists, activists, and individuals facing higher security risks, it’s always reassuring for everyone to have enhanced security measures for their communication.

Another improvement in iOS 16.6 is a revised iCloud for Windows security prompt. For Windows users who utilize iCloud, the login process will undergo a slight change. When logging in from the same Wi-Fi network as their iPhone, users will receive a verification code prompt on their phone. If the devices are not on the same network, the phone will provide a helpful reminder to ensure they are.

Apple Card owners will also benefit from new prompts related to their card’s security status. These prompts are likely to appear when a user disputes a transaction or experiences other issues. The prompts may include options like “Did you make this purchase,” “Dispute status,” “Dispute Completed,” “Interest Charged,” and “Virtual Card Number Replaced.” These prompts will help users keep track of their card activities and ensure their financial security.

For fans of the recently released Beats Studio Buds+, iOS 16.6 brings some visual enhancements. The update introduces new icons for the Ivory and Transparent color options of the earbuds. Now, if you own one of these color variants, your iPhone will display the correct color scheme instead of the default black and gold option, adding a touch of personalization to your device.

Additionally, sports enthusiasts will find a more convenient way to share information about specific games through the Apple News app. With the improved sports result sharing feature, users can easily share game results and other related content. To share game information, simply find the desired game, tap the three-dot menu, and select “share game.” This enhancement makes it easier for sports fans to stay engaged with their favorite teams and share exciting moments with friends and family.

While we eagerly anticipate the release of iOS 17, these new features in iOS 16.6 offer a refreshing update for current iPhone users. Whether it’s enhanced security, improved card management, or visual updates for specific accessories, iOS 16.6 brings a touch of excitement and functionality to iPhones while we wait for the next major iOS update. So, keep an eye out for the stable version’s arrival, as it shouldn’t be too far away!

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