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Intellivision Collection Coming To Evercade Soon

by ZeeshanN

The Intellivision is a second-generation console, released in 1979.  The Evercade is a recently released console that will focus on physical media collection for fans of retro games.  Coming in the Fall of 2021, the Evercade will have an Intellivision collection with growing partnerships that Blaze Entertainment extends to form!

Evercade has announced the following games:

  • Frog Bog
  • Night Stalker
  • Astrosmash
  • And nine more games that have not been announced

Frog Bog was a really fun game to play.  The frogs are on two lily-pads and they jump around in a quest to eat the flies.  As for long-term play, I don’t know if it has sufficient variety to keep an adult player love this game.  Night Stalker and Astrosmash are both set to get a make-over on the Amico.

In Astrosmash player is a small ship that is destroying asteroids that fall from the sky.  Seldom, there are satellites that will destroy everything on-screen if they come close to the players.  There is even a small satellite; represented by a dot that follows the player, you should have hyperspace techniques in order to evade it.  Due to the limitations of the hardware; although 16-bit at the time, the gameplay elements remain similar throughout the game.  The colors change as the player progresses and the charges are more dynamic.  After many levels, another competitor starts moving across the screen from the left or right, shooting at the player.  With only some buttons required to play, a D-Pad should make for a fine addition to the game. 

Night Stalker is a game that should work perfectly on Evercade.  It only needed four buttons (representing up, down, left, and right) and the diamond shape button layout should work nicely.  Essentially, the player is a little character with the goal of defeating all enemies on the screen. The player’s only safe space is the bunker.  The game begins off with the following competitors: two bats, a spider, and a robot.  As the bats are destroyed, two other first-generation robots succeed each bat.  After enough points are collected, the robot is changed with a more powerful model. 

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