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Instagram Comes With New Parental Controls for VR

by ZeeshanN

Instagram has revealed that it is adding new parental tools for VR on its platform. There will be some new management tools in VR for all Quest headsets.

The latest tools will allow parents to set usage limits, and they are also enforcing some new tools to help teens manage their time on the platform with their Take a Break feature.

Today, we’re announcing new tools and resources designed to support parents, guardians, and teens across our technologies.
Parents will soon be able to set up supervision tools in VR for all Quest headsets and use new supervision features available with Instagram, like sending invites to their teens to initiate tools and setting specific times to limit their teen’s use. Supervision tools on Instagram are beginning to roll out globally.
We’re also continuing to add features to help teens better manage the time they spend on Instagram with new nudges and reminders to use our Take a Break feature.
We’re also launching our new Parent education hub, including a guide to our VR parental supervision tools from ConnectSafely to help parents discuss virtual reality with their teens.

Source: Instagram

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