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IMPEACHMENT: AMERICAN CRIME STORY Trailer Follows President Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky

by Mata Hari

FX has unvelied a new teaser trailer for Ryan Murphy’s Impeachment: American Crime Story, and it is about President Bill Clinton’s affair with 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky and the events that followed the scandal.

The series was written by Sarah Burgess, and it’s set in Washington D.C. in 1995 when Lewinsky first began working at the White House. FX Chairman John Landgraf talked about the series saying in a statement:

“This American Crime Story season focuses on the events that led up to and through the Ken Starr special counsel investigation that resulted in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment votes in the House and the Senate as told through the point of view of the many women that were swept up in that maelstrom. Sarah Burgess is a really, really gifted, talented playwright. She’s receiving a lot of deserved acclaim right now, comes from a younger female point of view, a feminist point of view.”

Monica Lewinsky serves as a producer on the series. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she said:

“People have been co-opting and telling my part in this story for decades. In fact, it wasn’t until the past few years that I’ve been able to fully reclaim my narrative; almost 20 years later.”

It’s insane, if this were to happen today, Clinton would have been forced to resign and he would have had a disgraced legacy. But, things didn’t happen the way we wanted, and people still seem to love the man despite his actions.

President Bill Clinton will be played by Clive Owen, best known for Sin City, Inside Man, Children of Men, Gemini Man, and the upcoming Stephen King adaptation, Lisey’s Story. He joins Beanie Feldstein (Lady Bird, Booksmart) as White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Annaleigh Ashford (Masters of Sex, Late Night) as Paula Jones, who sued Clinton for sexual harassment, and Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Glass, American Crime Story) as Linda Tripp, former U.S. civil servant who secretly recorded Lewinsky’s confidential phone calls detailing her relationship with the president. Edie Falco is playing former first lady Hillary Clinton. The series also stars Margo Martindale, Colin Hanks, Betty Gilpin, and Billy Eichner. Anthony Green will play Vice President Al Gore.

American Crime Story: Impeachment will commence on September 7 on FX.

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