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Hyundai And Uber Revealed The Flying Taxis

by ZeeshanN
hyundai-uber flying cars

Uber joined hands with Hyundai and gave a glimpse of 2023’s air-based taxis. The model has been shown in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. Hyundai and Uber partnered to take a step further in the taxi network deploying aerial cars and making the market worth $1.5tn in another few years.

The flying car design comes with vertical take-off and landing with a limit of four to five passengers. The taxi will move at a speed of 200 miles per hour, 1000 to 2000 feet above ground level. Uber promised to implement the ‘Uber Elevate’ model. And the grand plan is now being backed up with Hyundai’s production capacities.

The eco-friendly hype forces the freedom of design and no company would risk its reputation to overlook it now. Hyundai too shall be using small electric powered motors that decrease noise pollution. Artificial Intelligence shall be used for path planning and mapping of ways. Not only this, but a landing center has been included in the model as well with “Purpose Built Vehicles” (PBV) to and from the site. These PBVs are designed to be multi-functional serving as medical supplies and coffee shops and it will be used in many other sources.

Hyundai and Uber’s air taxi model at CES 2020

The plans are all excellent and the model mind striking, but the fabrication still needs some time and Uber has agreed to a test drive in 2023. The two giants should work on their toes as one has to make the dream flying car, while others have to perform all the operations with a running app to get the bookings done. Once the test drive gets triumphant, batch production of the aircraft will be in the lane as who won’t be waiting for an air drive? Originally, Uber told, the flying car shall be driven by drivers but sooner or later, they’ll be moved to autonomous mode. No further details of the plan have been revealed yet.

By taking the transportation out of the two-dimensional grid on the ground and moving it into the sky, we can offer significant time savings to our riders,” Eric Allison, head of Uber Elevate, said.

An eco-friendly landing hub design for the aircraft

All this makes us wonder when to expect your groceries being delivered via a helicopter? Or an autonomous air bike? Maybe you’re the next one pooling up an air ride with your colleague? Not to ignore mentioning Uber bus taking off the next flight!!

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