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How To Use iPhone Low Power Mode

by William Linden
iPhone Low Power Mode

If you need extra battery life out of your iPhone then you can use low power mode or power save mode on your device to extend your battery.

This is a cool feature that Apple has built into the iPhone for times when you need to save battery usage on your iPhone. This could be when your battery gets lower than expected and when you want to extend how long it lasts that day.

What is low power or power save mode on the iPhone?

Low power mode or power save mode is a feature that is built into the battery app on the iPhone. You can switch your iPhone to this mode and it will turn a number of things that use your battery off while in this setting.

As soon as you turn this mode on it will reduce the usage of Email fetch, Background app refresh, automatic downloads, iCloud Photos is paused, Auto Lock is automatically set to 30 seconds and there are also fewer visual effects. 5G usage is also reduced and this is then only used when video streaming.

How do I turn Low Power Mode on?

To turn the power save mode on your iPhone on you need to go to Settings > Battery, you will then see a toggle for Low Power Mode, turn it on, and your battery life will be extended.

low power mode iPhone

When you are in low power mode on the iPhone, your battery will change color to a yellow icon, this is designed to let you know that your smartphone is set to power save mode.

You can also turn this feature on from the Control Center on your iPhone, you will need to add this to your Control Center first. To add the Low Power Mode to your control center you need to go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls and add the Low Power Mode feature.

How do I turn the Low Power Mode Off?

There are two ways to turn the Low Power Mode off on your iPhone, this can be done from the Control Center on your device if you have enabled this as one of the features. The second way is from the settings menu on your iPhone. To turn the power save mode off you need to go to Settings > Battery and toggle off the Low Power Mode.

low power mode iPhone

We hope you find this guide useful and hope that it will help you get more battery life out of your iPhone when your battery is running low.

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