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How to Record Your Screen on Windows

by William Linden
Xbox Game Bar App

PC gamers just getting started with streaming and want to capture gameplay from their Windows PC systems may be interested to know that there is an effortless and inexpensive way to capture and record your screen on the Windows operating system.

Windows screen recording can be done using the free Xbox Game Bar App created by Microsoft. This method of screen recording is definitely worth trying out before you spend any cash on expensive screen recording hardware or software.

Although buying screen recording systems do deliver a wealth of additional features that can help you tweak and improve your streams or videos. If you are using Windows 10 or 11 you can use the Windows Xbox Game Bar application for free to record both audio and visual copies of whatever you do on your computer monitor.

Recording your gameplay

Depending on which version of Windows 10 you are running, the Microsoft Xbox screen recording application may already be installed within your PC operating system. However, if it isn’t, do not worry you can download it directly from the Microsoft Store and install it for free.

To check whether you have the Xbox screen recording application installed on your computer, carry out a quick search by typing in “Xbox app” into the search box near the start. If nothing appears. Jump over to the official app store.

Once installed, you can use the Xbox Game Bar to record clips of your games complete with audio, apps running on your screen, or how-to tutorials to include in other publications or videos. Microsoft has integrated the Xbox Game Bar into its Windows operating system, enabling you to capture videos and screenshots with ease. To do this while playing a game, simply press the “Windows logo key + G” on your keyboard to open the application. This can also be accomplished if you are using an Xbox one or Xbox 360 controller that is plugged into your PC. Simply press the “Xbox” button on the controller to start the app. Once loaded, follow the instructions below :

Record the screen on Windows 10 & 11

The processes listed below will work on both Microsoft’s older Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11 operating systems.

1. To start screen recording, select the “Record from now“red circle icon. This will transition to a red square while recording is underway and will need to be pressed once again to stop the screen recording process.

2. You can also take screenshots using the “Camera icon” during the recording to capture still frame images

3. If you would like to record full-screen PC games, use the “Windows logo key + Alt + G” shortcut to automatically start and stop screen recording.

4. Once you have recorded your chosen game, the app you can edit the screen video by opening the Xbox application and selecting “Captures”.

Xbox Game Bar screen recording app

Microsoft has created the Xbox Game Bar to provide Windows users and Xbox gamers with a ton of features. Simply choosing one will enable it to pop up as a widget, letting you resize it, move and pin it to your screen during gameplay, making it effortless to record your gameplay.

Tools contained in the Xbox Game Bar also include a Widget menu, Settings, Audio, Capture (discussed above for screen recording), Performance allowing you to track your game statistics, Gallery where you can view your recorded clips and screenshots, Spotify allowing you to link your Spotify account and listen to music as you play. As well as social features such as Looking for Group, Xbox Social, Xbox Achievements, and Xbox Chat that allow you to start a voice or text communication in a group or more privately via one-on-one communication.

If you want to know more about the Xbox Game Bar App head to the official Microsoft Xbox support site.

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