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How to Improve Your Apple Watch Battery Life

by ZeeshanN
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If your Apple Watch battery is not performing well and needs to be changed frequently, or it is using more battery life than you think it should, there are some tips that you can do to enhance your Apple Watch battery life.

The Apple Watch comes with a broad variety of settings, and changing some of these may help enhance the battery life on your watch. Things like apps running in the background, notifications, how frequently your device wakes up, and more can all affect the battery life. Hopefully, some of the tweaks in this guide will help you get a longer-lasting battery of your Watch.


Have fewer notifications on your Apple Watch

Every time a notification is transmitted to your Apple Watch, this will use some of the watch’s battery. If you turn off some of these and only keep the crucial notification on your device, then this could help you enhance the battery life.

You can select which notifications you want to have on your watch from the Watch App on your iPhone. This can be done by opening the Watch App and then going to Notifications. For every one of the Apps on your Apple Watch, there are two options, you either select Mirror My iPhone or Custom Notifications.

If you select Mirror my iPhone, the notifications will be exactly like you have set up on your iPhone, if you choose Custom, you can then choose to either Allow Notifications or Apple Watch battery l for that specific app.


Reduce the Wake Screen time to improve Apple Watch battery life.

Another way to enhance the battery life on your Apple Watch is to facilitate the Wake Screen time on your device, this can be done from within the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. To change these settings go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then select Display & Brightness, you can then choose things like Wake on Wrist Raise, which will wake the display when you raise your wrist. You can also choose the time of the wake time, either 15 seconds or 70 seconds when you tap it. Choosing the 15 seconds option should help you increase the battery life on your Apple Watch.


Turn off Background App refresh on your Apple Watch

There is one other way that you may be able to improve the battery life on your Apple Watch is by turning off background App refresh on the Watch. To do this open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, you can then turn off the various apps that you do not need to have refreshing in the background.

If you have many apps refreshing in the background, then turning most of these off and only letting the important ones to refresh could give your battery life a boost.


Shut down apps running in the background

You may have some apps running in the background on your Apple Watch, shutting these down could help improve the battery life. This can be done easily by pressing the Side Button on your device, you will then see the various apps that are open. To close the apps, swipe right to left until the Red X appears, press this, and the app will be closed.

How long your battery will last on the Apple Watch will rely on which model you have, the newer model is the Apple Watch Series 7, according to Apple, this should give you up to 18 hours of usage on a single charge. You can find out more details about the Apple Watch and how to get the most out of the battery over at Apple’s website.

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