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How To Get A God Roll Grenade Launcher In Destiny 2: Lightfall

by William Linden

Heavy grenade launchers have become one of the most sought-after weapons in Destiny 2, especially after the recent Lightfall update. These weapons have received some significant buffs, making them even more deadly against enemies in the game. One of the most prominent beneficiaries of these buffs is heavy grenade launchers like the Regnant, a new Season of Defiance weapon that can potentially roll with some excellent perks.

If you’re a fan of grenade launchers and are looking for a god roll weapon, then you’re in luck. There’s a trick you can use to potentially get your hands on an excellent Regnant grenade launcher without having to rely solely on your luck. By exploiting a glitch discovered by the YouTube channel Above, you can repeatedly pull copies of the weapon from your collections until you get the version you want.

Assuming you already have a Regnant, head over to your Collections and locate it in the grenade launcher section. While most weapons with randomized perks can’t be pulled from this section, the Regnant is an exception. Although the version you see listed will have Rangefinder and Pugilist as its perks, the actual gun you receive will have randomized perks. As long as you can afford the cost of 1,000 Glimmer, 10 Legendary Shards, and seven Enhancement Cores, you can keep pulling copies of the gun until you get the one you want.

So what makes the god roll version of the Regnant so special? For starters, you’ll want a version with Auto-Loading Holster, which reloads the gun while it’s holstered. This perk makes it incredibly easy to keep firing without having to worry about reloading. Additionally, you’ll want Explosive Light, which increases the blast radius and damage of your next shot after picking up an Orb of Power. This perk can help you take down groups of enemies quickly and efficiently. Finally, in the second row of perks, you’ll ideally want Spike Grenades, which can increase the damage of your shots on direct hits.

While you can eventually craft a god roll version of the Regnant yourself, this trick offers a quick and easy way to potentially get your hands on one right away. Plus, with the recent buffs to heavy grenade launchers, this weapon type is now even more effective against enemies in the game. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Destiny 2, the Regnant grenade launcher is definitely worth adding to your arsenal.

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