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How To Delete a Photo Album On Your iPhone

by ZeeshanN

If you have tons of photos on your iPhone and want to clean things up and delete some albums that you no longer want, In this guide, we will show you how to delete an album on your iPhone or iPad

The photos apps on the iPhone have some albums set up by default, you can also set up your own albums on your device, and call them whatever you want. This works on both the iPhone and the iPad in the same way.


How do I delete an album on my iPhone?

First thing first, you need to do is open the Photos App on your iPhone or iPad and then go to the menu at the bottom of the device.

iPhone Albums

There you will see LibraryFor YouAlbumsSearch, at the bottom, you need to select Albums from the bottom menu.

test album

Once you have chosen Albums from the menu it will show you all of the different albums on your iPhone or iPad that you have organized your photos in.  For this example in the photos I have set up an album called ‘ Test Album‘, this is the one we are going to delete on our iPhone. It may be worth you doing this first as a test, just to make sure you can easily delete the correct album that you want to on your device, before deleting any of your main albums.

To delete the album you need to now press ‘See All‘ this will show you all of the albums that are on your device, the next thing you need to do is press Edit at the top right of the iPhone’s display.

Once this has been done the albums that can be deleted will show a minus in a red circle on each album. You need to hit click this red minus and you will then be requested if you want to delete that album on your gadget.

delete album

Click ‘Delete Album’ and it will be deleted from your iPhone or iPad. Then click Done at the top right-hand corner and you are done, the album you wanted to delete has now been removed. That’s it you have managed to delete the album from your iPhone or iPad. You can delete any more albums that you no longer want in the very same way.

This guide was written using the latest version of Apple iOS at the time of writing which was iOS 15.3.1.

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