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How The New Apple Mac Pro Do in the iFixit Teardown

by ZeeshanN
Apple Mac Pro

Apple’s devices are well known for being hard to repair and usually get a very low score when iFixit takes on apart, things might be different with this all-new Apple Mac Pro.

The Apple Mac Pro is created to be upgradeable so this should mean that the gadget is quite easy to repair, the guys from iFixit have taken the gadget apart.

Apple Mac Pro

The Mac is back and more Pro than ever, throwing away the cylindrical “trash can” design in favor of something that resembles a computer. Its appearance may harken to the original Mac Pro from 2006, but can it compare in the repairability department? We dropped six thousand dollars and one block of hard cheddar to find out. Let’s tear it down.

Apple Mac Pro

iFixit said that the new Mac Pro was very easier to repair than Apple’s other gadgets, it managed to score an impressive 9 out of 10, this means that the device is easy to repair.

Source: iFixit


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