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How Past Fallout Vaults Could Influence Fallout 5’s Starting Point

by William Linden
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Exploring the concept of the end of the world is a perennial fascination for game developers, but few have delved into the Armageddon trope with the depth and success of Bethesda’s Fallout series, which made its debut back in 1997. Vaults stand as iconic symbols within the Fallout universe, contributing significantly to the franchise’s rise to fame and its enduring dominance in the post-apocalyptic survival genre. With each new installment, players eagerly anticipate uncovering the secrets and stories hidden within these human shelters, making Vaults a cornerstone of the Fallout experience. As anticipation mounts for the next installment, Fallout 5, fans speculate that revisiting some of the franchise’s most renowned Vaults could serve as a compelling starting point for the game’s journey.

The opening moments of a video game are crucial, setting the tone and capturing the player’s interest from the outset. In an era where gamers demand immediate excitement and engagement, finding the right balance between narrative exposition and thrilling gameplay is paramount. Fallout has grappled with this challenge, with mixed receptions to its opening sequences throughout its history. Given the prolonged wait for Fallout 5 and the fallout (pun intended) from the rocky launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda faces pressure to revamp its opening formula, drawing inspiration from the franchise’s most captivating Vaults to captivate players from the start.

While a straightforward solution may seem elusive, considering Bethesda’s penchant for innovation, revisiting Vaults featured in previous installments could provide a familiar yet fresh approach. Vaults like 13, 15, and 29, which have made multiple appearances in canonical material, offer potential starting points ripe for exploration and reinterpretation in Fallout 5.

One such Vault that has garnered attention is Vault 63, shrouded in mystery and speculation since its introduction in Fallout 76. Despite being inaccessible to players, Vault 63’s enigmatic aura and rumored contents have sparked intrigue within the Fallout community. Its exclusion from Fallout 76’s gameplay only fueled curiosity, making it a prime candidate for exploration in Fallout 5. The eerie remnants of Vault 63, hinted at by burn marks and debris, present an enticing backdrop for an opening quest, promising players a compelling introduction to the harsh realities of the Wasteland.

Similarly, Vault 33, although not a part of the canonical lore, has garnered interest due to its inclusion in the upcoming Fallout television series. The prospect of diverging narratives between the TV adaptation and the game franchise adds an element of unpredictability, enticing fans with the promise of new storylines and locations. Bethesda’s decision to align Fallout 5 with the televised portrayal of Vault 33 reflects a strategic move to leverage the series’ popularity and engage both existing fans and newcomers alike. Moreover, the vault’s location in the iconic Los Angeles Boneyard injects geopolitical significance into its exploration, hinting at potential conflicts and alliances that players can navigate as they delve deeper into the Fallout universe.

Incorporating Vaults like 63 and the speculative Vault 33 into Fallout 5’s opening quests not only taps into fan curiosity but also underscores Bethesda’s commitment to revitalizing the franchise. By embracing the rich lore and untapped potential of these iconic shelters, Fallout 5 has the opportunity to reignite the sense of adventure and discovery that defines the series, ensuring a memorable and immersive experience for players as they venture into the Wasteland once more.

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