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HOSTLIGHT Gameplay Video Released

by William Linden

Created by the Spanish publisher Selecta Play and indie studio ESDIP Games is a puzzle game that will have players cracking challenges with lights and shadows. Their upcoming game HOSTLIGHT will deliver over 20 levels and it will be released on PC via Steam on July 22nd.

By using lights and shadows as well as colors to manipulate silhouettes, players can make figures to get the pieces necessary for finishing each level. Mix and match colors and filters, use mirrors to tweak around with shapes, and take advantage of the environment. By decoding puzzles, players will explore a fascinating tower and unfold mysteries around them. There will even be a lovely robotic companion called ‘The Guide’ that will help players during their travels through Sanctuary Rooms.

HOSTLIGHT seems to be using a few famous puzzle mechanics while getting a unique series of puzzles for players to solve their way through. Watch the gameplay trailer for yourself and see if this might be the challenge you want to solve.

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