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Hilarious Apartment Tour With His Letting Agent After Being Forced Out Of It By The Landlord

by ZeeshanN

What to do if your landlord forces you to move out? You go viral on the internet by posting a funny video! That’s exactly what actor Sandy Batchelor did. In the video, he showed all the problems that the apartment he’s being forced out of has, from mold and problematic appliances to crazy doors. And it also has a rat and ghost problems.

Sandy is originally from Kinross, in Scotland, and he’s being kicked out of his rented apartment in Catford, in South London.

According to the actor, his letting agent wanted him to help them find his replacement by filming a video. So he put his spin on it and told the world the truth in the video that got more than 6.8 million views on Twitter. It also got 349.3k likes and 79.2k retweets and caught the attention of the British media.

Sandy posted a hilarious video and showed everyone all the things that are wrong with the apartment he’s being booted out of

Problems that Sandy had to face while living in this apartment include having rubbish bins just outside the living room window, crooked shelves, a fireplace that doesn’t even work, and a very loud kitchen extractor fan.

The actor also posted funny signs all over the apartment saying how the new residents would hate it here and informing them of the ghost that’s supposedly terrorizing the place. It’s no wonder that Sandy’s doing this: the dryer doesn’t work properly, the doors are broken, the floor’s not even leveled. Absolutely anyone would lose self-control having to live here.

He’s even thinking to take all the plants in the garden with him when he leaves because he and his flatmates were the ones responsible for cleaning the backyard up. The garden also has three fences and they make the place look crumbling—you wouldn’t think that this was in London if you didn’t know already.

People absolutely loved Sandy’s hilarious video and enjoyed the sneaky posters he put up throughout the apartment

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