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Henry Cavill Takes on a Campy Spy Role in ‘Argylle’: A Stranger-Than-Fiction Adventure

by William Linden

This intriguing question forms the basis of the trailer for Apple TV+‘s upcoming film, “Argylle,” directed by the renowned Matthew Vaughn. The storyline revolves around the reclusive writer Elly Conway, portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard, whose creation of the spy action hero Argylle, played by Henry Cavill, seemingly takes on a life of its own.

The narrative takes a stranger-than-fiction twist, reminiscent of the recent hit “The Lost City.” Elly’s thrilling novel begins to hit too close to the reality of very real spies, led by the charismatic Sam Rockwell. What follows is a series of adventures and escapades that blurs the line between fiction and reality. The star-studded cast includes the likes of Bryan Cranston, John Cena, Catherine O’Hara, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, and the legendary Samuel L. Jackson.

For fans of “Barbie,” “Argylle” marks a special reunion between fellow ensemble cast members Dua Lipa and Cena, who previously played the mermaid and merman dolls in a different project.

“Argylle” takes audiences on a whirlwind journey across the globe, featuring the globe-trotting adventures of super-spy Argylle as he operates in the United States, London, and other exotic locations.

The screenplay for the Apple Original Film and Universal feature was penned by Jason Fuchs, who adapted the story from a yet-to-be-released novel. Director Matthew Vaughn, known for his work on “Layer Cake,” “Kick-Ass,” and the “Kingsman” trilogy, once again pushes the boundaries of the spy genre with this exciting new film.

Matthew Vaughn revealed that he came across a preview copy of “Argylle” during the pandemic lockdown and was instantly captivated by the story, leading him to pursue its adaptation to the big screen. He expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “I just couldn’t stop laughing reading it because it had captured a side to me about those ’80s movies.” Vaughn describes the film as a delightful blend of classics like ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Romancing the Stone,’ and ‘Lethal Weapon.’ He adds, “It’s just fun. If people think ‘Kingsman’ was fun…this is on a different level.”

Vaughn’s enthusiasm for the project is evident as he explains, “The set pieces got bigger and bigger and bigger, and I had zero discipline trying to keep it small. So, it’s now huge. It’s now actually the most expensive movie I’ve made. It’s more expensive than ‘The Kingsman,’ which is ridiculous.”

“Argylle” is produced by Cloudy Productions in collaboration with Adam Bohling and David Reid, alongside the screenwriter Jason Fuchs. Zygi Kamasa, Carlos Peres, Claudia Vaughn, and Adam Fishbach serve as executive producers.

The highly-anticipated “Argylle” is set to premiere in theaters on February 2 through Universal and Apple, with availability for streaming on Apple TV+ expected later in 2024. Be sure to check out the thrilling trailer for a glimpse into this action-packed adventure.”

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