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Helldivers 2 Developers Tackle Server Challenges, Imposing 450K Player Cap for Stability

by William Linden
Helldivers 2

As brought to light by Wario64 through his Twitter account, the developer behind Helldivers 2, Arrowhead Studios, has made an official announcement on their Discord server. They’ve disclosed their decision to cap the game’s concurrent player count at 450,000 for the time being. This measure is being implemented as the studio diligently works on resolving issues concerning mission payouts and dropped connections, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for all enthusiasts.

Merely a day ago, we reported on the impressive surge in player count for Helldivers 2, which more than doubled its peak player count from its inaugural weekend online. As of the latest update, this number has skyrocketed to an astonishing 386,000 active players.

Within the community, there’s a prevailing sentiment that Helldivers 2 is “suffering from success.” Arrowhead Studios seemingly didn’t anticipate the overwhelming influx of players, leading to strains on the game’s online infrastructure. Despite the challenges faced by both players and developers alike, there’s an overarching sense of optimism. Helldivers 2 has struck a chord with its player base, its unexpected triumph coupled with its unobtrusive monetization schemes has earned it the moniker of a $40 people’s champion.

Although Arrowhead Studios hasn’t explicitly stated, it’s inferred that the 450,000 player cap applies across both PC and PS5 platforms, given that Helldivers 2 supports crossplay between the two. With nearly 400,000 players predominantly on PC, it underscores the significant role of PC gamers as trendsetters in the gaming landscape.

This resounding success with its simultaneous launch has evidently prompted a reassessment within Sony’s leadership. Sony, traditionally staunch in its commitment to PlayStation exclusivity, has gradually softened its stance, evident in the recent trend of PC ports released months after their initial launch.

The mere mention of Sony exclusivity reignites the age-old lament, particularly for a certain beloved title: Bloodborne on PC. It’s a persistent ache akin to an old wound that flares up with every rain. The longing for this elusive port remains ever present.

Despite any personal grievances regarding Sony’s PC strategy in the past, the exhilarating trajectory of Helldivers 2’s success is undeniable. With Arrowhead Studios ramping up their development team and bolstering servers in response, the future appears promising for the game, with its zenith yet to be reached.

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