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HBO Max Thriller Series MARE OF EASTTOWN Trailer Starring Kate Winslet

by ZeeshanN

HBO Max has unveiled the awesome new trailer for their upcoming series Mare of Easttown, starring Kate Winslet as a detective in a small town in Pennsylvania. After a murder turns her town upside down, she works to work out the case while trying to keep her own world from falling apart.

The show also starring Julianne Nicholson, who plays Lori Ross, Mare’s best friend since childhood; Jean Smart as Helen, Mare’s mother; Angourie Rice as Siobhan Sheehan, Mare’s teenaged daughter; Evan Peters as Detective Colin Zabel, the county detective called in to assist with Mare’s investigation; Guy Pearce as Richard Ryan, a local creative writing professor; Cailee Spaeny as Erin McMenamin, an isolated teen living with her volatile father; David Denman as Frank Sheehan, Mare’s ex-husband; John Douglas Thompson as Chief Carter, Mare’s boss at the Easttown Police Department; Patrick Murney as Kenny McMenamin, Erin’s father; James McArdle as Deacon Mark Burton; Sosie Bacon as Carrie Layden, Drew’s mother and Kevin’s ex-girlfriend; Joe Tippett as John Ross, Lori’s husband and high school sweetheart; and Neal Huff as Mare’s cousin, Father Dan Hastings.

This seems like an interesting show, and I am excited to see Winslet take it on. Watch the trailer below, and watch Mare of Easttown when it airs on HBO and HBO Max on April 18th.

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