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Haven Trailer- Open World Adventure of Two Lovers On a Strange Planet

by William Linden

The Game Bakers, released their new project Haven on PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. This is a brilliant roleplaying game features a strong narrative about independence and the connection between two lovers.

Yu and Kay have fled together, but now they will live their lives on a strange planet, exploring the new surroundings and living a different life. Their ship is their home but it will take some improvements and repairs and few upgrades before it’s the happy place that they’ll want to stay. And that’s not the only thing that will need repairs. Love takes a lot of work but Yu and Kay will be able to direct some of the energy on the enemies trying to break them.

You can control both characters, synchronizing their actions and building a fearsome duo in battle. This is a brilliant open world and its soundtrack makes it even better. Sounds like a compelling case for this RPG adventure.

Things you be able to do in the game:

  • A narrative centered around two mature characters and their relationship
  • Open exploration focused on gliding, gathering, and fighting
  • Interesting creatures and plants on a visually-impressive planet.
  • Strategic combat involving synchronization and tactical timing
  • A romantic space adventure playable solo or local co-op
  • Original soundtrack by electro musician DANGER

Check it out on Steam.

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