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Have a Bath with New Killer JAWS TUBBZ Rubber Ducks

by Mata Hari
JAWS TUBBZ Rubber Ducks

Now, you can bring some terror of the film to your bathtub. In acute rubber duck form. Is that really bad though? Numskull recently revealed 4 new rubber ducks in their TUBBZ line from the famous film which includes Sam Quint, Matt Hooper, Martin Brody, and the Shark. These look really cool and cute for sure, but the Shark is my favorite. I don’t know why, but seeing a duck in a shark costume is funny and cute. All of these figures are officially licensed and available to buy.

  • The Shark: this shark has its jaws wide open primed for attack. He’s hungry bearing those razor-sharp teeth, who’s he having for lunch? Looks like he fancies duck!

  • Sam Quint: the notorious shark hunter is on board ‘Orca’ and ready to get this shark hunting mission underway. Instantly recognizable with his mustache, cap, and holding the flashlight, he’s unaware of his looming fate.

  • Matt Hooper: this oceanographer is obsessed with sharks and he’s well up for this challenge, and he’s not taking any of Quint’s nonsense! He’s unshaven, wearing his glasses, and has the essential marine watch.

  • Martin Brody: the Chief of Duck Police is feeling the pressure to capture this shark and restore calm on the shores. Trademark glasses on, cigarette in beak, and some bait in hand, it’s gonna be a long day!

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