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Guy Invents Glasses That Lets Short People Get In On The Action

by ZeeshanN

Have you ever found yourself at a concert with a friend towering at an impressive 200 cm or 6’6″ tall? If so, you’ve likely encountered the common woe of hearing murmurs from the shorter folks behind you struggling to catch a glimpse of the stage. Well, fear not, because a creative solution has emerged in the form of Dominic Wilcox’s ingenious invention – the One Foot Taller Periscope Glasses.

True to its name, this device offers a unique perspective by allowing the wearer to experience a bit of added height, at least in terms of their visual field. When you don these periscope glasses, you can literally see 30.5 cm or one foot taller than the average eye level.

The inspiration behind Wilcox’s creation came during a concert experience where he noticed a petite woman dancing behind him, unable to see the band due to the sea of tall individuals surrounding her. This observation led him to conceptualize a solution that would level the visual playing field for shorter individuals at events like concerts or even in the cinema.

In discussing his invention, Wilcox explained, “I was challenged by Microsoft Surface to think up some everyday problems and come up with interesting or extraordinary solutions.” His eureka moment struck during that concert, realizing the potential of creating a device that could elevate the viewing experience for shorter individuals.

Dominic Wilcox's One Foot Taller Periscope Glasses

Reflecting on the design process, Wilcox shared, “I did have about five attempts at making the finished object. I cut my finished design out of a sheet of mirrored plastic, then very carefully heated and bent the parts into the correct angles to reflect the light from up high, down to the eyes.” Crafting this unique and functional object from a single sheet proved to be a challenge, but one that Wilcox thoroughly enjoyed.

With a background in designing unconventional items, Wilcox was adept at navigating the creative process. He remarked, “I’ve been designing unusual things for many years, so that helps speed up all the little decisions you have to make on any design project. It took about a week of thinking, testing, failing, more testing, etc., to go from a doodle to the end piece.”

So, the next time you find yourself at an event with a friend who’s a head above the rest, consider the One Foot Taller Periscope Glasses – a quirky yet practical solution to elevate everyone’s experience, without obstructing views behind you.

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