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GTA Online Summer Update 2022: DLC Release Date And Leaks

by ZeeshanN

The GTA Online Summer Update is releasing the next main DLC planned for Rockstar Games’ very popular urban open-world sandbox. The last significant update for GTA Online came out in December 2021 with ‘The Contract’, and despite the relaunch of the game on next-gen consoles, there’s likely a subset of players who are already excited to see what Rockstar Games has scheduled next for the next DLC.

For the time being it’s hard to say with too much certainty what new things could be included in the next GTA Online summer update. For now, there have been zero leaks to tell what sort of content we could see. That being said, we can make some guesses. For one thing, three of the four past summer updates have been unveiled with new social spaces or alternatively new businesses for players to buy. Obviously, a number of new vehicles are released with each update alongside a bunch of new missions too.

The only year where you might reason that the summer update felt slightly short was in 2020 with the GTA Online: Los Santos Summer Special update. Content primarily focused on a series of new missions, new Business Battles, new Adversary Modes, 9 new Open Wheel Races, and the Open Wheel Race Creator. Rockstar did follow it up with the Cayo Perico Heist update a few months after which added a huge island’s worth of content.

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