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Greg is Actually Palworld’s Most Concerning Pal

by William Linden

Palworld, a game that has sparked contentious debate, presents players with the unsettling ability to enslave and even slaughter their adorable companions. Initially, I approached the game with a casual mindset, content to play without delving into its moral complexities. However, as I immersed myself in the virtual world alongside my siblings, constructing elaborate bases and amassing a diverse array of Pals, the ethical quandaries inherent in our gameplay became increasingly apparent.

At the heart of this narrative lies a hapless character named Greg, unwittingly thrust into a bizarre existence among my cadre of Pals. Greg, a nondescript Syndicate lackey, found himself ensnared within a Pal Sphere, marking the point at which the ethical fabric of our playthrough began to unravel. With a simple name change, Greg transitioned from faceless minion to an integral member of our peculiar community, surrounded by companions bearing whimsical monikers like Sugarplum, Sasha, and Choco.

Palworld seamlessly blends elements of survival gameplay akin to titles such as Ark or Rust with a distinct Pokémon-inspired creature collection mechanic. Within our shared guild, my brothers and I oversee a network of meticulously crafted bases, each tailored to fulfill specific functions. Our primary stronghold teems with specialized Pals endowed with unique abilities, capable of felling forests, extracting ores with unprecedented efficiency, or churning out an array of items in rapid succession.

And amidst this bustling hive of activity stands Greg, a mere mortal amidst a menagerie of fantastical beings. His modest skills pale in comparison to the prowess exhibited by his otherworldly counterparts. Occasionally, he begrudgingly shuffles towards a workstation, only to be outperformed by a canine humanoid adorned in regal Egyptian attire.

The glaring divide in capabilities is exacerbated by Palworld’s intricate breeding mechanics. With the establishment of a breeding ranch and the acquisition of cake-making proficiency, players gain the ability to selectively propagate Pals, yielding offspring imbued with enhanced traits and abilities. While this system offers opportunities for innovation and genetic refinement, it also underscores the stark contrast between the limitless potential of our fantastical companions and the inherent limitations of humanity.

Greg, however, remains exempt from this process, a solitary figure untouched by the machinations of genetic manipulation. In a nod to ethical considerations, human characters are rendered non-breeding entities, their presence within the game world a poignant reminder of our shared humanity amidst the fantastical tapestry of Palworld.

Yet, despite his apparent redundancy, Greg occupies a unique space within our base—a silent observer amidst the frenetic energy of our endeavors. His presence serves as a poignant reminder of the absurdity of our virtual escapades, juxtaposed against the backdrop of moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas.

In the grand scheme of Palworld’s boundless possibilities, Greg may be inconsequential, his contributions negligible in comparison to his otherworldly counterparts. Yet, there’s a certain charm in his steadfast presence—a testament to the unpredictable nature of our digital odyssey. As we navigate the uncharted waters of this virtual realm, Greg remains a steadfast companion, a symbol of resilience amidst the whims of fate and the capriciousness of our virtual pursuits.

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