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GRAN TURISMO 7 Is Gorgeous And It Is Coming To PS5

by ZeeshanN

During PS5 games reveal the rumor has finally been confirmed as Gran Turismo 7 was shown early in the presentation! It has been a number of years since the last game in the franchise, Gran Turismo Sport, was released for PS4, and driving fans have anxiously anticipated its return. During the live stream, the game looked utterly beautiful with very impressive cars and lighting details. The terrain is close to real life and looked super life-like and I honestly can’t wait to see more even though A bit of the menu was also revealed during the reveal and the whole minimap style menu has my curiosity piqued.

No further info was revealed on when we could expect to see the game released on the PS5 but if what they have shown off is any evidence, it shouldn’t be too long after the release!

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